How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

The secret from Marcus Aurelius for when we get criticized or insulted or judged by other people? He said we should look inside their souls.

“Get inside him,” Marcus wrote. “Look at what sort of person he is. You’ll find you don’t need to strain to impress him.”

His point was that too often we blindly accept what haters throw at us without stopping to actually examine who these haters actually are. Because more often than not, they don’t know what they are talking about. If the professional athlete got inside the booing fan, he’d often find someone who hasn’t played the sport since grade school. If the writer got inside the nasty commenter, she’d often find someone who wishes they could write like that. If the you get inside the people who tell you you’re not good at this or that, that you’re failing here or that, that you should act in one way or another—you’ll often find you don’t respect that person and their own choices.

If you want to stop caring what other people think, take a second and actually look at those people. You’ll quickly find there isn’t much to be harried on about, that you’re doing just fine.

So stop caring about the opinions of people you don’t care about.

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