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A Story That Exemplify Resilience and Determination

I watched the movie Greater last night and was so engaged that I was glued to my chair.  “I’m not crying, you’re crying!!” haha, yes, I had a few layers of tears throughout the movie.

One of the reasons why I liked this movie is because of Burlsworth’s unstoppable-ness in his desire to be an Arkansas Razorback. Most everyone said that would never play for them, and he would amount to nothing more than a glory days high-schools player. Instead of believing anyone other than himself, he chose to remain committed throughout the years and eventually bend the will of everyone around him to support him… In other words, he was such a consistent and strong person that due to his direction and persistence in achieving his goals that people gave in and started supporting him. Low and behold after a short “give in” period, everyone around him really started believing him and being inspired by him and his actions. Be inspired and watch this movie!

If you want to story that applies to many areas of life where a real need for resilience and determination are needed, this is your go-to! Here’s a link to the movie on Netflix,

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